Project Livelihoods

The Problem

India is home to more than 17 million unemployed people. More than 700 million people in India earn less than USD 3.10 a day. Youth are entering the workforce every year in growing numbers. The current vocational training system in India has the capacity to train only 25% of the new workforce entering every year.

Our Approach

We seek to provide and increase access to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for all. We are creating scalable and sustainable programs that provide training, counselling and guidance to meet the demands of the current and future job markets.

Android Development Workshop

The Maslow Initiative foundation in collaboration with #HashInclude, the computer programming society of Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi, organised an introductory workshop on Android application development on September 23, 2017 at the Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi. The Android app ecosystem today is rich and diverse and android applications have transformative power as portals to knowledge. The workshop was open to anyone interested to learn Android application development. Curiosity and the willingness were the only prerequisite for joining the workshop. After a session in the basics of programming, students were familiarized with the initials of android development. Starting right from the basic inquisitive queries and doubts about Android development, students were provided answers to all the what, how, if and why of android development. The workshop culminated with the student making a small android application of their own and tested in their own android cell phones. The gain in confidence and the ecstatic smile on the faces of the participants after developing their own Android applications was a certificate of the success of this workshop.


Overwhelming responses, as mentioned below, made us felt proud on our deed;

“I wanted to create applications in Android, but I never knew where to start. As a beginner, I loved the workshop. I would love to visit such workshops again in the future.”

-Yatharth, Uttar Pradesh

“The workshop was good. The teachers were cooperative with us. I got to know the basics on how to make an Android app.”

-Ankit, Bihar

“Thank You for the workshop, It was really cool and helpful to know about Android Development right from the basics. It surely will help the students in developing an app. I hope we get to attend such workshops in the future too.”
– Shashank Singh, Uttar Pradesh


We are all in this together. Help us to change the world.