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Project Abrazos – Road to a Sustainable Future!

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community schoolIt has been more than 4 months since our crowdfunding campaign ended.

When we started our crowdfunding campaign, we did not expect that we would receive any response from the audience but imagine our surprise when we received our donations.

We were overwhelmed, and honestly, this was a morale booster, not only for us but for the school as well.

Over the past 4 months, there have been several infrastructural reforms in the school. Toilets have been constructed, along with improving the current library through our partnership with schools

The children have also been participating in several events! During one such event, the children won the hearts of the audience.

Among the audience were a group of doctors who were moved so much by their performance, that they arranged a visit to the school and provided a free, full-body checkup for everyone within the locality!

We are also implementing an experimental pedagogy to improve the quality of education for the children. This involves creating a teacher-less environment.

Over the coming weeks, we will be fully integrating our pedagogy and hopefully, increase the quality of education within the school.

We made a promise that we will aid the school in the coming years, and we are going to uphold the promise that we have made, although this is just a start, we’d like to thank you for joining us on our journey!

Special thanks to our donors,

Jacob Joseph
Sanjeev Dubey
Silambarasan B
Omanshi Dwivedi
Varun Singh
Aashi Srivastava
Prerna Singh
Priyanshu Pandey
Ashish Pratap
Shaifali Srivastava
Subodhika Sharma
Shalini Singh
Priya Baranwal
Sachin Kumar
Dishant Kanwal
Archit Singh
Astha Awasthi
Lakshay Juneja
Vishal Sengar
Dinah Schmechel
Jaya Veetal


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