Our Mission

To create equitable and scalable solutions and opportunities to improve people’s lives, communities and the world around them


Our Focus Areas


Education is a springboard to opportunity and for many, a way to climb out of poverty. Children need and deserve quality education to realize their potential. Our programs focus on transforming the education system by driving accountability in schools, creation and delivery of school and student assessments and teacher incentives, infrastructure development and leadership and stakeholder engagement and development.



Millions of people across the world lack skills to work in formal or stable informal job markets. Our programs tackle unemployment and underemployment by offering people market driven skills trainings to enable transition to meaningful employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.


People can bring about transformative change around them if they are empowered. We seek to equip, inspire and empower innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders and citizens by providing equal access to information, tools and support they require to bring change in their communities.


Global social and environmental problems are dynamic and increasingly complex. Solutions that worked before may not be as effective today and there is an urgent need to build new solutions that can improve the lives of many. We aim to enable individuals and organizations to build the knowledge, skills and capacity to effectively solve the problems of our world.

Our Mentors and Patrons

“The Maslow Initiative is an expression of the leadership that young people are able to take today. College students mobilize resources to solve complex world problems that affect young people today. I hope that we, institutions, and people will join hands and offer support and guidance like I myself will do.”

Thais Corral Founder - REDEH, Sinal do Vale (Brazil)

“Focusing on full engagement rather than full employment – that’s the great potential I see in The Maslow Initiative with its holistic perspective on how to engage young individuals as the solution holders for a world they want to live in. To the young, visionary team behind it: Thanks for creating this platform!”

Helena Henneken Challenge Lab Director - The DO School (Germany)

“Proud to be associated with a global initiative started by one’s own students. Really looking forward to working with like minds to take this initiative to greater heights. A never seen before collaborative effort it is, a reputation well deserved for. A team that I can personally vouch for!”

Deepika Bhaskar Dy Dean (Research) / Coordinator - CSEC, University of Delhi (India)

“The main problems of people, no matter what your nationality is or what continent you come from, are the same, touching both economical and political sides. The Maslow Initiative tackles the exact global burning issues, the solutions of which can be easily replicated around the world .”

Ekateryna Vladimirovna Founder - UK Movna Maisternia (Ukraine)

“Desh and his whole team are doing an incredible work with Lithics.in and I am very much looking forward to see how they will impact even more people’s life through the newly founded Maslow Initiative, which will empower thousands of people all across India. The DO School is proud to call Desh one of our Fellows.”

Phillip Tettenborn Venture Lab Director - The DO School (Germany)

Our Projects

Help Us Change the World

The progress bar illustrates the stage of each project.
25% - Pilot
50% - Development
75% - Growth
100% - Fully Operational

We want to build a talented and multi-disciplinary team driven by passion and dedication for our purpose, led by our core values and one which reflects the diverse composition of our world.
If you would like to join us at The Maslow Initiative and help us build a better world, you can get in touch with us at themaslowinitiative@gmail.com or

Up Network

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."

Our Core Values


Ensure that our work is focussed on having sustainable positive impact on the world


Embrace and encourage experimentation and ability to take risks in pursuit of unproven but promising new approaches to global problems


Commit to highest levels of transparency, integrity, discipline, responsibility, respect and humility in acting as stewards of resources entrusted to us to pursue the initiative’s mission.


Partner with individuals and organizations across sectors, geographies and cultures to ensure maximum possible impact

Our Story

We are a not-for-profit organisation based in New Delhi, India. We are a team of young, passionate and impatient innovators and entrepreneurs from different walks of life who established The Maslow Initiative with a fundamental belief: People can themselves bring about transformative, sustainable and positive change if they are supported with access to solutions and opportunities.

Our blog

community schools

Project Abrazos – Road to a Sustainable Future!

It has been more than 4 months since our crowdfunding campaign ended. When we started our crowdfunding campaign, we did not expect that we would receive any response from the audience but imagine our surprise when we received our donations. We were overwhelmed, and honestly, this was a morale booster, not only for us but for the school as well. Over the past 4 months, there have been several infrastructural reforms in the school. Toilets have been constructed, along with improving the current library through our partnership with Goonj. The children have also been participating in several events! During one […]

Reforming the Reforms, Crowdfunding Campaign Update.

It was in December of 2017 when we adopted a community school belonging to one of the most impoverished localities of Lucknow. The school belongs to a community where child labour runs rampant and jobs like manual scavenging are forced upon the children at a very young age. The school provides education to over 300 underprivileged children belonging to the same community and has been doing so for over a decade but despite the noble cause, the school fails to deliver the basic necessities required for a change. In the month of March, we started a crowdfunding campaign which ran […]

Bal VIkas Montessori School

Project Abrazos : Reforming the Reforms | Bal Vikas Montessori School

Bal Vikas Montessori School KIDS DESERVE TO BE HAPPY, SAFE AND HEALTHY! Child labour is not just an affront to the rights of a child but also a symbol of a society that has lost its way. We should, therefore, all strive to ensure that the fundamental rights of children are protected and that they are accorded the opportunity to go after their dreams and aspirations. The future is much brighter when the younger generation has a good foundation for success. The innocence of a child should never be taken away for the purpose of making the lives of adults […]

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You can reach us through e-mail or phone if you want to know more about us, join our team, know more about a project, partner for a project or propose a project. You can also visit our office for a discussion over a coffee/lunch on any day of the week between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. A heads up via e-mail or phone would be appreciated.

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